Take Your Digital Show on the Road: Tylt Energi Backpack Charges As You Go

If you travel with multiple electronic devices TYLT’s Energi Charging Backpack plus battery charges as you go with up to four full smartphone charges or one full tablet charge. Plus there’s also plenty of space to store your stuff, with 1,450 cubic inches inside the bag and 13 total pockets, so you can take a few extra items you might have otherwise left home.


Hey Mr. DJ, Put a (Virtual) Record On Your Portable DJ Booth – We Wanna Dance With You, Baby

You don’t have to be Martin Garrix or Skrillex to play, mix and party like a rock star! The Portable Bluetooth DJ Booth and Lightshow pairs with any smartphone or tablet to help you create an instant dance party. A two-channel DJ station, this set gives you full control with built-in speakers, eight performance pads and two scratch wheels. Toss in a colorful LED panel that lights up and pulsates to the beat, and the dance party comes to you, with rave reviews