Shine a Light: The Army Grade FirstLight Torq Flashlight

From the maker of flashlights for U.S. Army tank crews and medics comes the year’s best flashlight. It features a battle-ready design that’s easy to operate. A quick explanation of FirstLight’s Torq Flashlight is all it takes to see why this best-in-class tool is preferred by the US military. Durable Design The Torq Flashlight


No Hand Sting: Fiskars IsoCore Hammers

If you’ve ever swung a hammer, you know how bad it can sting when it cracks a hard surface. That’s why Fiskars applied mechanical engineering principals to develop its signature IsoCore Hammers. IsoCore Hammers are a first-in-class design that reduce both sound and shock waves, focusing force on the task at hand. The result is a

BLEECKER legacy money clip in leather

Why This Coach Clip is Seriously Money

There’s really only two things you need when you’re heading out: your phone and a little cash. Perhaps that’s why more and more people are ditching their bulky old wallets in lieu of a simpler, old-school classic: the money clip.