Beer Lovers: Here’s the Next Best Thing to Brewing from Home

Brewing from Home? For Beer Lovers,
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Watch out bartenders—the Fizzics Draft Beer System is putting happy hour on notice. Engineered using patent-pending fluid-and-gas technology, this brewski lover’s must-have gives ordinary canned or bottled beer a fresh, draft taste. Yep, you can now get that smooth, refreshing, full-body flavor with just the right amount of foam… from a can.

It’s no wonder this scientific marvel scores four out of five stars from Amazon customer reviews . The technology works by using sound waves to create bubbles out of an ale’s carbonation. Those bubbles then lead to that delicious foam that makes tap beer so satisfying. Not up for the science lesson? Let’s just say this dream-machine enhances the carbonation and aroma of any pint—from IPAs and Pilsners to Stouts and Porters. And—for a limited time only—you can take $30 off.

Easy-to-use, the Draft Beer System can turn any can, bottle, or even a 64-ounce growler, into a rich, foamy draft-style suds. Simply place your hoppy brew into the machine and pull a lever to pour. Small and lightweight, it operates on batteries alone so you can easily take it to an outdoor BBQ or tailgating party before the big game.

The perfect gadget for beer lovers, the Fizzics team has created a way to enjoy a drink with the perfect head of foam without ever having to step foot in a bar. Now that’s a reason to celebrate with a cold one!

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