Better Hurry: You’ll Never Believe What Ultra-Rare Vintage Champagne Just Went on Sale

1996 Ravissement des Vignes Blanc de

* Approved by Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships Judge
* A vintage champagne rarely available outside of France
* Made entirely from Chardonnay

Looking to turn your holiday or New Year’s Eve party up a notch? You needn’t look further than this vintage 1996 Ravissement des Vignes Blanc de Blancs, which Master of Wine Jancis Robinson raves is, “a great, great year.”

A rare find outside of France, this particular vintage is from the Champagne region and has been described as having a soft fizz with citrus and creamy tasting notes. And like any Chardonnay, this particular vintage has aged well. It will continue to do so for several more years if properly cellared, but don’t save it for too long. This rare vintage loses some of its carbonation with age.

Don’t believe the hype? A quick Google search returns nothing but heaps of praise. Enjoy it on its own or with your favorite chicken or seafood dish. Believe us when we say this juice is worth the squeeze.

Whether you’re stocking up for New Year’s, the upcoming awards season or looking for something special to tuck away till the right time, the Ravissement des Vignes Blanc de Blancs 1996 isn’t one you’ll want to let slip by. At least not at these prices.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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