NEED A DRINK? This Cocktail Kit is Scientifically Proven to Be The Best Holiday Gift Ever for Mad Mixologists

Chemist’s Cocktail Kit: The Best Holiday

Looking for the perfect present for your favorite mad mixologist? The Chemist’s Cocktail Kit from ThinkGeek unites the science of spirits with the art of perfect gift giving in this totally unique barware set. It includes everything a diabolical doctor of debauchery needs to get his or her drink on.

Each set includes a powder-coated steel rack with six Borosilicate glass graduated test tubes (50 ml/1.7 oz.) and a graduated Erlenmeyer flask decanter (500 ml/17 oz.), a stainless steel shaker and strainer, and a glass stirring rod.

When you really think about cocktail making, isn’t it always just a science experiment? By bringing in actual test tubes and an Erlenmeyer flask, mixology MD’s can play with precise measurements in a laboratory of libations of their own making. This creative cocktail kit is also scientifically proven to be a conversation starter in any setting.

If you want to perfect the formula of gifting the Chemist’s Cocktail Kit, be sure to include your favorite drink recipes, a variety of alcohol and mixers, and/or a book like Dave Arnold’s, Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail

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