An Artful Pitcher For Your Table

decorative pitcher anthropologie

* Beautiful vintage-inspired stoneware
* Crafted in Portugal 

* Doubles as a chic vase for decorating

Putting together your DIY centerpiece or searching for an artful housewarming gift? This Old Havana Pitcher from Anthropologie checks off more than a few boxes.

Available in an elegant mint green color, the stoneware pitcher is beautifully crafted in Portugal, the source of the world’s finest dinnerware and glassware. This pitcher is also produced in limited quantities and it’s an Anthro-online exclusive–which means you won’t see it in everyone’s social feed.

We like the pretty scalloped edge around the top and the medallion pattern (it reminds us of the transom windows in Old Havana apartment buildings). The finish is reminiscent of hand-painted watercolors; we like how the drips fall just so.

How we’d style it: as a vase, for a dinner party, with evergreens and your favorite seasonal flowers. For every day use, just mix in your favorite buds. For parties, it’s also a useful sidekick – put it on your bar or sideboard and fill it with swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins or utensils.

Or, use as intended. The 11.5 inch pitcher holds a generous 64 oz. of liquid, so it’s perfect for serving mimosas at brunch, sangria at dinner, or ice water with fresh lemons all the time.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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