Spy Gift Guide: Cool Memorabilia for Yankee Fans

Baseball Memorabilia Yankee Fan
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Know any die hard Yankee fans? Here are gifts that any Yankee fan on our list will love, because they’re authentic, they’re unique, and they’re the next best thing to sitting in your favorite seat at Yankee Stadium watching the Yanks pound their opponent.

1923 Goldrick auth Brick From Yankee Stadium w/ Engraved plate We love the new Yankee Stadium. But we’ll never forget the original. Steiner Sports is the source for the best memorabilia and we covet this limited-edition Goldrick Brick from the construction of the old stadium! It’s guaranteed authentic and comes with an engraved plate documenting its use.

Michael Pineda New York Yankees Autographed Baseball A signed baseball makes a great display piece. Pitching fans will love this ball, signed by young Yankee pitching ace Michael Pineda which comes with an MLB certificate of authenticity, and has an individually numbered, tamper-evident hologram.


Gleyber Torres New York Yankees Autographed Signed Blonde Baseball Bat JSA WITNESS COA Give it now so they can brag later: a signed bat by Gleyber Torres, teenage phenom in the Yankees farm organization. Only 19, he was the Arizona Fall League MVP for 2016 as well as the youngest batting champ in league history. Guaranteed authentic.

[caption id="attachment_4963" align="aligncenter" width="500"]New York Yankees Old Yankee Stadium Dirt Jar by Steiner Sports Memorabilia Steiner Sports does it again: this is actual dirt played on in a game from the actual old Yankee Stadium. The jar measures 4.25” high and will look great standing next to the rest of their Yankee memorabilia.[/caption]

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