Come Election Day, We’re Voting for Cookies…

The Election 2016 Cookie Cutter Set

Adios, apple pie! Sugar cookies are taking over as America’s most patriotic dessert thanks to this Election 2016 Cookie Cutter Set. Whether you’re a proud Democrat, lifelong Republican, or staunch Green-party supporter, we can all agree on one thing: this baking set will make any election-night party a hit.

SPY may receive compensation from retail partners.

These political cookie cutters offer up six shapes you can really sink your teeth into: a Democratic donkey, the Republican elephant, a map of the United States, an American flag, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Since most of us will be stress-eating our way through election night returns anyway, why not take it out on the candidates themselves? Go ahead, pick your opposing presidential nominee and bite their tasty, little head off—notice we didn’t say “sweet, little head.”

Of course, these kitch cookie cutters can also be used long after we’ve declared a new president. Perfect for a 4th of July BBQ or a President’s Day office party, you can continue to bake up cheeky and delicious sugar cookies that serve up as many laughs as they do compliments. Simply grab your grandma’s never-fail cookie recipe, or buy a pack of pre-made dough from the market, and get cutting. Then decorate with frosting, icing, and sprinkles for a dessert that promises to unite us all—no matter the outcome of this election.

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