Have the Most Sophisticated Desk in the Office With This Japanese Desk Set

craft-design-technology cdt gift set large

* Perfect for employees with a minimalist eye
* Features all your office essentials in a simple box
* High-quality, long-lasting products

After all the chaos of 2016, we’re ready to start the new year afresh. Dust off the old and welcome the new by treating yourself to Craft Design Technology’s desk set. This minimalist desk kit comes with everything you need for your workspace: two fountain pens, mechanical pencil with lead, two sets of sleek post-its, a white stapler, an eraser and a glue stick. They check off your necessities box, whether you’re a conscientious worker bee or dedicated crafter.

Known for re-imagining everyday objects, Craft Design Technology promotes the Japanese practice of minimalism by paring down excess packaging and unnecessary clutter. The brand curates their packages and products to synchronized perfection. Case in point: all of the items in this desk set are neatly stored in a signature gray box, all arranged to fit just so. The packaging also makes this desk set an ideal gift, especially for friends and colleagues who travel and needs travel-size office tools.

Craft Design Technology creates office and lifestyle products that are designed to complement someone who cherishes simple yet refined things. All of their products are crafted with precision and high-quality material. This desk set might be made for your daily workspace, but we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to keep everything in the box too.

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