Throw the Ultimate Party With These Unbreakable Wine Glasses by D’Eco

Unbreakable Wine Glasses by D’Eco

The night is going perfectly. Everyone is dancing, and eating those fancy hamburgers you slaved over for hours. The DJ is playing amazing remixes to top dance hits. It’s the party you’ve always dreamed of throwing. And then a wine glass breaks.

You were impressing everyone with your hosting skills…until that wine glass broke. The room starts to empty out. The DJ puts on a sleepy jazz record, and that pile of hamburgers is now cold. If only you hadn’t bought those fancy wine glasses. You never thought you could commit such an atrocious party foul.

It’s an art to search for the right food, drinks, and music that will make everyone happy. Yet, seldom to we remember to purchase shatterproof wine glasses. The set of eight stemless wine glasses by D’Eco are made of sturdy Tritan, a strong and durable plastic material that looks just like glass. Each glass holds up to 18 ounces of wine, whereas traditional wine glasses only hold 5 ounces.

At only 2.1 pounds each, the D’Eco glasses are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. They’re clear, smooth, and have a long-lasting shelf life. Aside from parties, they’re perfect for picnicking, hiking, and pools. They easily fit into any bag without running the risk of getting nicked or scratched.

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