Did Someone You Love Wish For This Unique Botanical Paperweight?

Dandelion Botanical Paperweight Is A Wish

There is magic in a dandelion – some say making a wish on its puff and blowing off the fluff makes dreams come true. This beautiful botanical paperweight from Hafod Grange captures the whimsical weed in its full glory, ready to carry the wish-maker’s desires far off to be fulfilled.

Located in South Wales, Hafod Grange harvests botanicals from their estate and then, using as special process they developed for embedding flowers and seedheads in polyester resin, they create collectible, unique paperweights that make plants look as if they’re suspended in molten glass.

This surefire conversation starter, for which the company was awarded the UK Design Council’s Tarian label for outstanding Welsh-made craft products, preserves the puffy head of a hand-picked dandelion in a large, clear globe, so awestruck admires can view the hand-picked dandelion from all angles. To keep the botanical looking as fresh as the day it was picked, the paperweight resin is infused with a UV filter to prevent fading.

This beautiful dandelion botanical globe is just what you wished for – a unique holiday gift that will win you points with your nature loving family members and friends.

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