Get Groovy at Your Next Dinner Party with These Colorful Salad Servers by French Bull

French Bull Melamine Salad Servers

Spice up your kitchenware with these wonderful Melamine Salad Servers by French Bull. This pair of salad tongs are constructed from high-grade, glazed melamine, giving a super strong and wear-resistant finish.

Expect a high amount of envy when you host your next dinner party as your guests become captivated by the multicolored circular stripe pattern.

A perfect addition to any French Bull product collection, these unique utensils will have you eating salad every day of the week just so you can use them.

They are 100% top-rack dishwasher-safe, allowing hassle-free cleaning after use. No matter the event, the sleek and classy design will keep everyone amused. Be it a children’s birthday party or a friend’s retirement celebration, the rainbow colors and eye-catching design add just a little bit extra joy to everyone’s day.

These tongs are also a sound long term investment. They are scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant as well as capable of resisting heat up to 356 degrees – perfect for those long, hot, summer days.

Every set of French Bull Melamine Salad Servers are completely BPA-free and non-toxic, giving peace of mind to you and your family. At $12 these tongs could be the best purchase you make all year. With their classy design and helpful capabilities as salad tongs, you need look no further than French Bull’s Salad Servers.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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