This Piece From Jonathan Adler Marks The Spot

gold ceramic frame Jonathan Adler

* Beautiful Art Deco-inspired design
* A statement frame for the person who has everything – taste, style & class.
* From Jonathan Adler, the master of modern American glamour

Jonathan Adler’s Futura X-Line Frame adds a bold, modern, Deco flair to any room. Featuring stunning gold lines searing through the inky black background of high-fired porcelain and delivered in a handsome gift box, it’s the perfect present for any discerning man or woman.

Adler’s designs, which are routinely featured magazines like House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and Dwell, appeal to those who appreciate modernist works, bold patterns, bright colors and a generally groovy vibe.

The Futura X-Line Frame showcases a 4” x 6” photo, giving whatever image it holds an immediate sense of importance and flair. Pop the frame on a mantle, give it a prominent place on a desk, or perch it on a coffee table for a luxurious look in any setting. Or pair two together for a stately “his and hers” configuration.

The X-Line Frame, as Adler says, is “chic, unique, and fantastique” – and an easy gift for anyone on your list.

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