Have a Laugh and Protect Your Surfaces with the SUCK UK Splat Stan Coaster

This Funny Beverage Coaster Protects Your

Whether you’re having a rough day at the office or the children are driving you around the bend, comedic relief comes in the form of Splat Stan and his SUCK UK Splat Stan Coaster. Made from 100% silicone rubber, this easily maintained and waterproof drink coaster will offer some light relief in any situation.

Part of Suck UK’s Dead series, the Splat Stan drinks coaster effortlessly protects all of your surfaces from ugly coffee and tea stains. Perfect for keeping the children amused and entertained, the Splat Stan Coaster is completely washable and highly durable against every day use.

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At 11 x 13 x 2cm, the coaster is the perfect size to become a talking point on your office desk but not too large to take too much space.

Once you have fallen in love with this quirky coaster, you can add to your Splat Stan collection with other comical characters including the Bookmark, Stress Ball Paul, Dead Fred Pen Holder and Mummy Mike (an elastic band holder).

At under $10 the SUCK UK Splat Stan coaster is a bargain, making it ideal for a surprise gift or a great secret santa choice this festive season. Enjoy your local hero, Splat Stan, as he saves the day against surface stains. As one reviewer said, this quirky, orange coaster is a must-have for any stressed person’s desk!

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