Have Sriracha, Will Travel

Restaurant Out of Sriracha? Not a

There’s nothing worse than hearing these four cringe-inducing words when eating at a new restaurant: “We don’t have Sriracha.”

Are you kidding me? Who doesn’t carry Sriracha? And no, your Tapatio will not suffice. When it comes to spicy condiments, there’s only one king—and it’s Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha.

Thankfully, spicy-food lovers no longer have to sacrifice by dumping a pile of crushed red pepper flakes on their pizza. Instead, Sriracha2Go makes it easy to carry rooster sauce on you at all times with a simple carabiner.

While this highly Instagram-able bottle does not come with the actual hot sauce itself, it is refillable and holds up to 1.25 ounces. All you have to do is fill it up before leaving the house and then clip it on your keys, purse, or backpack. Heck, you could even wear your love for hot sauce loud and proud by latching it to your belt loop—we wouldn’t dare judge.

This pocket-sized Sriracha bottle has a flip top for easy access and a leak-proof cap to ensure it won’t make a mess in your bag. It’s also BPA-free and TSA-approved. From eggs Benedict and hash browns to fried rice and grilled cheese, you’ll never suffer through a Sriracha-less meal again.

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