Keep the Cold Out but Smell the Scents of Winter With the Susanne Kaufmann Organic Bath Oil

The Best Organic Bath Oil for
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The winter cold may be coming quickly, but you can keep the weather at bay with the Susanne Kaufmann Winter Oil Bath. Enjoy your favorite winter scents and maintain silky smooth skin with these luxurious and organic bath oils.  

Blended in Austria, this Susanne Kaufmann product is derived from cinnamon, clove and orange oils, resulting in an aroma filled and uplifting bath time experience.


This essential oil-filled bottle aids in the prevention of and protection against dry, itchy skin. In addition, the Oil Bath Winter is the perfect way to enjoy some pampering after a stressful day. Simply add a few drops to your bath, lie back and relax while taking in the beneficial aromas as the world melts away.

Using little known secrets about the healing powers of botanicals found in the Alpine Bergenzer Forest, Susanne Kaufmann has created a truly heavenly bath oil made from only active and organic ingredients – producing perhaps the best bath time pleasure for both your body and the environment.

Within each 250ml bottle, you are guaranteed to receive a concoction of stress-busting ingredients that will set your mind at rest with each moisturizing and calming bath.

At just shy of $80, the Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath Winter provides that extra little bit of spice during bath time. This product may just well be the best organic bath oil on the market. Get yours before this year’s winter weather arrives!

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