The Arthur Court Bottle Opener: Let This Pooch Crack Open Your Beer

Labrador Bottle Opener by Arthur Court

Arthur Court crafts one-of-a-kind beaux arts out of oriented aluminum made from a sand-cast mold and hand-polished to a brilliant shine. Perfect for any collector of canine accoutrements, this Labrador holding a bone is a bottle opener that will impress both party guests and dog enthusiasts alike.

A world-renowned metal designer, Arthur Court has been producing table accents, serveware, cutlery, and barware for the last 35 years. From gravy boats to letter openers, Arthur Court’s home décor and kitchenware is usually inspired by designs in nature.

Crafted with immense attention to detail and intricate engraving, all of their products are hand-made, and every piece is unique. Located in Sierra Madre, CA, Arthur Court produces most of their pieces from 100 percent recycled material.

With a glistening silver finish, this dog’s coat is etched with remarkably realistic fur lines. The bottle opener weighs .57 lbs and stands 4.5-inches tall. Whether this pooch is sitting at your kitchen counter or your dining room table, this lustrous dog will add finesse to any setting.

At $25, this Arthur Court bottle opener is an inexpensive addition to your collection. It’s easy to maintain its shine by regular hand washing.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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