Never Lose Your Glasses Again with the SouvNear Witty Wooden Glasses Holder

You need never look beyond the end of your nose for your spectacles ever again with the SouvNear Witty Wooden Spectacle Holder. Whether you need a space to keep your spare pair or a place for when you aren’t wearing your specs, simply place them on this whimsical nose and rest assured they’ll never go missing again.

Crafted from beautiful Indian rosewood, this wonderfully quirky item is sure to generate endless questions about where you acquired such a delightful piece. The dark wood is carved into a cone along with a humorous nose and mouth. So your desktop buddy can wear your glasses when you don’t want to.

A useful bedside aid for overnight holding or even a reading glasses friend on your office desk, the SouvNear glasses holder would make a unique and funny gift for any family member, coworker or friend.
At 6” high, this unique spectacle holder is sturdily built and easily cleaned with a soft dry cloth. A steal at under $10, these stand alone display pieces are a great way to showcase your eyewear collection and keep your specs safe from surface accidents.

The SouvNear Witty Wooden Spectacle Holder is a great addition to any room of the house. From providing light relief or a helping hand, the modern and classy design help to make this witty wooden glasses holder by SouvNear an unmissable purchase this year.

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