Bring Your Party to Life With the Stanley Happy Hour Shaker and Four Cups

Stanley Happy Hour Shaker and Four

Cheers to a finely made cocktail! Shake up all of your favorite drinks with this remarkably sleek 18/8 stainless steel shaker. Whether you’re throwing a weekend soirée or you just want to wind down after a long day of work, this cocktail shaker is the perfect gadget for whipping up a drink that really hits the spot.

Weight-conscious travelers and adventurers will want to consider the Stanley Happy Hour Shaker. Weighing only 2.26 pounds, this rugged yet lightweight shaker fits easily into any backpack or satchel. Like a Russian doll, this shaker contains four 7-ounce double wall steel rock cups.

This premium dishwasher-safe shaker is the most basic and necessary bar tool for any cocktail enthusiast. This shaker has excellent balance and can easily hold most strainer brands, although it does come with its own integrated strainer and lid. Its citrus reamer and jigger are designed to mix all of your favorite cocktails to perfection.

Sick of shaking drinks that only make your hands cold and wet? The Stanley Shaker won’t sweat like most shakers. BPA free and rust-proof, at only $37.46, this shaker is an inexpensive alternative to pricey shakers for both novice bartenders and expert mixologists alike.

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