Your Game Room Just Got Much More Glamorous

striped darts

* The classic dart set gets a modern makeover
* Handmade from wood, real feathers, lead and steel
* Great for game room or as accent piece for desk

Darts have been a staple of men’s leisure for centuries now, a game reportedly started by medieval warriors as target practice during their days off. Many many years later, James Bond made darts cool (and suave) when he brought down the villainous Hugo Drax with a dart gun in Moonraker. The hidden contraption in 007’s suit cuffs is still one of the more memorable gadgets in film today.

Channel your best Bond with this striped darts set from Fredericks & Mae. Founded in 2007, the Brooklyn-based duo creates products based on a shared appreciation for quality materials, quality design and unique objets.

These small striped darts are made with maple wood, delicate matching feathers, a sturdy lead and hand-painted steel. We love the teardrop-shaped barrel and smooth grip. Sold in a set of three, they sit nicely on a handsome wooden base. At 5″ in length, they fit the spectrum of darts used in professional events (any larger and the darts would be prone to wobbling in the air, making them more difficult to control). Purchase any classic dart board and get playing.

Grab a few of these darts for your game room, or use the set to accent your desk. Whether you keep it on display or take it out to play is entirely up to you.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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