The Young Architect City Planner Set Is the Most Constructive Gift You Can Give a Budding Builder

Young Architect City Planner Set Is

Building blocks were a start – can world domination one small city at a time be the next step? Give your budding builder a totally constructive gift this holiday season: a Young Architect City Planner Set from Scientific Explorer.

Included in the set are all the materials necessary to plan and create a city – all that’s missing is imagination. Your aspiring architect will build not only his or her dream city but also motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial skills and creative thinking when interacting with the set’s templates, stackable buildings, roof caps, bridge pieces, colored pencils, paper city guides, stencils and folding drawing mat.

Unlike other more simple building sets, the Young Architect City Planner includes materials that prompt thinking about bigger picture ideas, such as traffic flow, plans for parking in busy areas, where to put parks, green spaces, playgrounds, sports fields and hiking/biking trails, etc.

The fun starts by sketching out the plans on the oversized grid paper included in the set, and continues as young architects erect buildings, bridges, roads and crosswalks. They also can decide what kind of aesthetic look and feel their city will have – from a quiet small town to a busy urban area, there are materials to suit every young city planner’s needs.

One city is never enough, of course, and there are plenty of supplies to make several different cities just like a real urban city planner would do.

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