This Vintage Light Fixture Makes for One Seriously Modern Update

This Vintage Light Fixture Makes for

Great style comes from the top down. So when you’re looking to update your home, look up first. From the dining room to your master bedroom, a new hanging pendant lamp is often the perfect way to light up your space.

A statement light fixturelike the CLAXY Ecopower Pendant Hanging Light—injects instant personality into your home. With its slim black cord and vintage style, this old-school design from the early days of electricity promises to create an instant focal point wherever it hangs. Hoping to make your family room feel more appealing? Let this lamp lead the way. Want your family to gather around the kitchen table? This flawless fixture will beckon them each night.

Made from metal and glass, this minimalist lamp will provide plenty of light wherever it hangs thanks to its clear design. Consider hanging two or more in a row in an open-plan area that needs definition. A trio of these vintage fixtures placed above a kitchen bar area would create the perfect gathering place for homework, snack time, or a cozy evening chat. A row of three would also make for an illuminating sight down a long, elegant hallway.

Whatever you decide, this fun light fixture is a simple, inexpensive way to make your space feel brighter on every level.

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