Where to Stream the NBA Online, Without Cable

stream nba without cable
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Do you love the NBA, but hate paying for cable? Do you not mind paying, but wish you had more viewing options? Maybe it’s time to cut the cord. Sling TV and Dish are two great ways to get all the sports entertainment you want. Here’s how to watch the NBA without cable.

Sling TV

You don’t cable to watch pro sports! Sling TV is a first-of-its-kind service that lets you stream programming as it airs on major networks. All you need is a streaming device, like Amazon Firestick, to start watching the NBA and other pro sports events.

Sling Orange subscribers pay $20/month and are able to watch the NBA on ESPN (Wednesdays and Fridays) and TNT (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Upgrade to Sling Blue for $25/month and you can start watching the NBA on your local Fox station (select markets only). Start your week-long Sling TV free trial now to see how you like it.


Sling TV may let you watch the NBA without cable, but for the best viewing experience, you need Dish. The new and improved Hopper 3 viewing system lets you record up to 16 games at the same time. Dish’s updated multiview technology lets you watch four games on one TV. Dish also offers the NBA Network – the only channel dedicated exclusively to the NBA.

NBA League Pass

NBA League pass lets basketball fans custom design their viewing experience. You can watch games on your smartphone, tables, or streaming device. Get unlimited access for $199.99, or just watch your favorite team for $119.99. You can watch a single game for $6.99, or get unlimited audio access for $9.99.

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