Make Sophisticated Facebook Videos With the Mevo Live Event Camera

Mevo Live Event Camera

Live Facebook streaming is one of the most popular forms of virtual communication these days. It’s a terrific feature for celebrities and social media stars to take their fans behind the scenes of their daily lives and exclusive events. Although smartphones provide functional and accessible cameras, the footage is often shaky with low sound quality.

Mevo’s web cam is here to remedy all of your cell phone camera woes. Clocking in at .29 pounds and only 2-inches tall, this camera is just as portable and easy to use as your cell phone. Designed with professional camera features in mind, the Mevo can toggle back and forth from wide shot, medium, and close-up — all in 4K video quality.

You no longer have to worry about jostling or dropping your phone while delivering poignant Facebook monologues. Mevo’s automode feature plays director and automatically senses when to focus on you and others in your broadcast. With a 150-degree all glass lens and 720p resolution, your filming is guaranteed to be much sharper than any phone’s camera.

At $399, Mevo is equipped to plug into any socket and comes with an external memory slot, so you can transfer recordings to your computer for later editing. The built-in stereo microphones allow you to make sure your capturing the audio your audience wants.

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