Flash! Shutterbugs Will Love This Vintage-Inspired Instant Camera

Diana F+ Instant Camera in Nightfall

Snap. Post. Snap. Post. You live that life. But have you ever wanted to be more creative? Shoot images on your own film? You’re in luck: Modcloth’s Diana F+ Instant Camera is what you need, and it makes a brilliant gift for the shutterbugs in your life.

ModCloth is one of our favorite brands for their fun fashions and home decor. When we saw the Diana F+,  we knew we had to share it with you. What caught our eye right away: the bright turquoise colorblock design and the retro details.

The Diana F is a lomo camera, a style of camera by the quirky Austrian camera manufacturer. Lomography is a style of photography that’s the antidote to our all-virtual-all-the-time word.  Fans say it’s candid, spontaneous, and casual. We say it’s instant fun.

The Diana F+ is so easy to use. Just point and shoot — your photo instantly pops out the side. It comes with everything you need to start taking snaps: a reusable flash, colored gel filters to create fun effects, a 55mm wide-angle lens, a close-up lens, lens cap, and neck strap. Also included is a hardcover instruction manual detailing the history of the Diana Camera.

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