The Best Small TV From Roku Delivers Big Quality For Less Than $170

Roku’s Best-Selling Small TV Delivers Big
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As smart as it is small, the 32″ TCL Roku delivers big in terms of function, features and quality. This #1 best-selling small television on Amazon has nearly 5,500 reviews with 4+ stars overall for its superior picture quality, built-in Roku streaming (over 3,000 channels!) and one more HDMI port compared to other small TVs.

The Wirecutter has hailed the TCL Roku as the best small TV for two years running for its stellar, out-of-the-box performance, depth of channel and programming selection and low pricing ($169.99 at the time of this writing).

Beyond the powerful features included in the petite package, Roku’s customer service is described as “outstanding” by customers who found that their challenges were addressed quickly with very hands-on assistance. The ease of use in setting up the TV and navigating with the remote control speaks to the company’s desire to make the out-of-box experience as seamless as possible.

Whether you buy the 32″ TCL Roku TV for a second bedroom, kitchen or other tight space, the flat screen and sleek stand make for a perfect fit. With so many streaming options, many owners don’t even both with cable – which makes it a perfect fit for a tight budget, too.

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