Big Power in a Little Package: RavPower’s Portable Battery Charger Power Bank

Big Power, Tiny Package: PowerRav Portable

Keeping your devices charged on the road is a big deal, but all the power you need comes in one perfectly portable petite package with RavPower’s 12000mAh dual port power bank. The smallest power bank in its capacity range, it provides enough power to charge an iPhone 7 four and a half times, a Galaxy S7 three times and iPad Mini about twice. Best part? It charges two devices simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

When you’re on the go, you don’t have time to wait for your phone to charge so another powerful feature is the high-speed 2A input, which cuts normal charging times in half. Additionally, each USB port adjusts to the device it’s charging so you can juice a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously.

If you’re going to be slipping the RavPower battery charger power bank into your pocket, you want to be sure your safety is guaranteed. Thanks to the UL94 V-0 shell that’s both fire and UV-resistant, you are protected from electrical issues and UV radiation. And it’s wired to provide over-charge, high-temperature and short circuit protection.

This holiday season, when you take your show on the road, bring the power with you with RavPower’s 12000mAh Dual Port Power Bank – it’s the perfect travel companion.

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