1 USB Charger, 6 Devices: At Home Or On the Road, Anker PowerPort 6 Keeps Your Devices Juiced

One USB Charger, 6 Devices: You

Anker’s multiport USB charger, the PowerPort 6, is plugged into all of your device-charging needs for speed, safety and power. The secret sauce that provides the juice is Anker’s unique, smart PowerIQ feature: it actually figures out the charging protocol of each device, replicates it and then delivers it safely for a fast and powerful charge (60 watts), every time for up to six devices simultaneously .

This means that you can charge a mixed bag of devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, drones, e-readers and more) from a variety of brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Nexus and Motorola.

The Anker PowerPort 6 is a great addition to your home office, work office, in your kitchen as a family charging station and to take with you on the road whenever you travel. It has the power to not only charge devices but also to simply your life as it’s got just one cord to plug into the wall, requires a single outlet and keeps the six charging cords streamlined and organized.

If you are concerned about the safety of a multiport USB charger, you can rest assured with Anker: their MultiProtect safety system and UL certification guarantees complete protection for you and your devices including short circuit prevention, surge protection, temperature control and energy efficiency. Add in an 18-month warranty, and you’ve got nothing to worry about except that now you’ll have no good excuse for not keeping all of your devices charged and ready for action.

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