Time Waits for No One, So Count the Minutes with This Cool Retro Flip Down Clock

Because Time Waits for No One,

Back in the ’70s, no room was complete with a groovy flip down clock that would give a satisfying click with each passing moment, reminding us that today is the first day of the rest of your life… and also that every minute counts.

WoneNice feels your nostalgia and raises it to a sleek, modern new version the original flip down clock. Gone is the dust-gathering plastic shell, and in its place is a sleek chrome frame that suspends the easy-to-read numbers in an artful display.

Operated by internal gears, the clock keeps perfect time thanks to accurate quartz movement. Small (4” base) and lightweight, it makes for a compelling conversation piece that looks great in a living room, bedroom or anywhere else that begs for a retro-hip or steampunk vibe. No messy wires to contend with, either – the WoneNice retro flip down clock requires a single D battery for power.

The only consideration about this clock is that when the numbers flip, there is a subtle click, so it’s not completely silent. Then again, if you want to be present and stay in touch with the passage of time, the sound is a rhythmic reminder to cherish each and every minute.

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