This Stylin’ Wooden Wireless Speaker Clock is a Perfect Outside of the Box Bedside Companion

This Beautiful Wooden Wireless Speaker Clock

Modern minimalists who enjoy listening to music and making calls from bed, rejoice! GOGroove’s wooden wireless speaker clock has a chic, natural, light look that will look amazing on your nightstand or in any room and delivers audio on par with its stunning aesthetic.

Set up is simple; pair your device in seconds, and then you can stream your music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets or MP3 players. If you’ve got an older device that isn’t Bluetooth enabled, fear not; just use the included aux. 3.5mm cable to play music. The speaker has powerful drivers on both ends of the blonde wood case that fills your room with rich sound, controllable by you from a distance of up to 30 feet.

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The out-of-the-box part comes with the other functions, which includes a great looking LED alarm clock display and speakerphone. A built-in microphone allows you to take and make calls when you pair your phone with the unit. All is guaranteed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The only drawback to this wooden wireless speaker clock is that some of the alarm clock functionality is so smooth and streamlined (particularly the buttons, which are flush on the top of the unit) that it’s easy to push the wrong thing, such as volume up instead of volume down – which can be problematic when you’re trying to grab an extra few minutes of sleep. A quick fix is to stream your alarm on your phone rather than using the clock’s buttons.

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