How Do You Make a Pair of Beats Wireless Headphones Even Better? Why, Get ’Em in Gold

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphone

* Grab your favorite headphones in this season’s hottest color
* Takes just five minutes to charge up for three hours of play
* Pairs with all devices in a snap

You know and love Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones for many reasons, including the fact that they sound great in either wireless or wired mode, are super comfortable for an on-ear headphone, have a whopping, best-in-class battery life of 40 hours and are easy to operate from the built-in remote control.

But topping the list has to be the signature, super cool, always sleek and chic design. Grab it in this season’s hottest color – gold – and you’ll be the envy and the life of the party.

Beats Solo3 Wireless is the perfect wireless, in-ear device for everyday wear. Why? They’ve got “Fast Fuel,” a charge that takes just five minutes to charge up the headphones for more than three hours of play. The Solo3 uses Apple’s new W1 custom Bluetooth chip, which drastically improves battery life and also makes pairing the headphone with Apple devices a snap. But just because Beats are Apple-owned, don’t worry about compatibility with Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The battery life holds steady at that same, whopping 40 hours.

Beats Solo3 are the gold standard when it comes to in-ear wireless headphones, so get them in the color that tells the world you’ve arrived.

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