This Triangle Wood Speaker Makes Music Sound the Way It Should

Princeton Audio Site:1 Premium Tonewood Bluetooth

* Award-winning design
* Made from wood chosen for superior sound quality
* 15-hour battery life and easy portability

Fill your room with rich, vibrant music with the Princeton Audio Site:1 Premium Tonewood Bluetooth speaker. The latest masterpiece from Princeton Audio is constructed of high-quality tonewoods – the same wood used to build guitars and top-notch instruments – because of their vibrancy and resonance.

At just 7.5 inches, the speaker is small but mighty, optimized with a booming cabinet and a 3-inch, full-range transducer that captures every finite detail of sound. You will feel like you’re standing right in the front row of the concert. The unique triangle shape provides structure and stability, while reflecting the sound waves of the enclosed speakers.

Weighing only four pounds, the Princeton Audio Site:1 is built with a 15-hour battery life and designed to be portable. The high-resolution Bluetooth technology, meantime, allows you to play music from your phone, without needing Wi-Fi. The interface is also designed to incorporate upgrades, so your speaker will last for years to come.

The handcrafted mahogany triangle speaker was the recipient of an International Design Award, and it fits in with any rustic aesthetic. Keep one by the bookcase, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Every Site:1 Speaker can paired with a second to provide true Bluetooth surround sound.

Based out of Wisconsin, Princeton Audio takes music listening seriously, and this particular product is no exception. Every speaker is individually tested for crystal clear sound. The components and materials used are also almost entirely sourced in the U.S. And, the company is so confident in their product, that each purchase comes with a 10-year warranty. Now that’s something to sing about.

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