Apie Wood Corded In-ear Noise Cancelling

SPY Guide: Headphones That Are Part Steampunk, All Incredibly Rich Sound

Look closely. These earbuds are not your every day, disposable, lose-them-no-big-deal-get-another-pair of earbuds. These noise-cancelling headphones by Apie provide rich sound in a beautifully unique design that’s seriously steampunk. They’re the ultimate gift for all the audiophiles on your holiday list.

Handcrafted of richly grained, solid wood, these compact earbuds provide powerful high-fidelity sound, deep base, and excellent noise isolation — even on city streets. The jacks provide a no-loss connection to your audio device. Apie has refined them with gold plating.

Buy: Apie Wood Noise-Canceling Earphones $19.99

These earbuds also have all the features you rely on, including a one-button remote for answering calls hands free and a built-in microphone. They’re compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones, as well as portable music players.

Apie’s earphones come with lots of little extras, as befits the maker of high-performance earphones. You get six pairs of interchangeable bud covers and a sleek zip carrying case to prevent tangles. Tuck it all in the included dust bag and…instant present!

As a bonus, these little beauties are under $20 on Amazon with free one-day shipping for Prime members, so you can get them under the tree–or in their stocking–in time for the holiday.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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