You Don’t Have To Be An International Man of Mystery To Love This Stylish Spy Watch

This Hidden Camera Spy Watch Is

It might look like an high-end men’s watch with its pearlescent face, elaborately designed dial, gold accents and chunky leather band, but it acts more like something that Q dreamed up for James Bond’s most recent spy mission. Eyeclub’s Hidden Camera Fashion Style Mini Spy Watch has a built-in camera that discreetly photographs or videotapes with the press of a button.

Equally attractive on a woman’s wrist, the spy watch allows you to take pictures and/or videotape up to 8GB of information, which you can then download to your computer for easy viewing. There are just two function buttons, which makes it simple to set up and operate right out of the box.

Eyeclub Hidden Camera Fashion Style Mini Spy Watch: Was: $73.99 | Now: $45.00

The Spy Watch operates totally innocuously – no lights or sounds to give away the fact that it’s recording. Then again, it’s such a cool and fun gadget that you may want to tell everyone what your watch is capable of doing!

Capture spontaneous events, tape important meetings and use it to keep track of what’s important to you. You don’t have to be a spy to want to keep a record of all that you’re experiencing!

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