iPhone 6 PLUS / 6+ ,

Keep Your iPhone Safe and Fashionable With This Designer Wallet Flip Case

Additional storage, protection and convenient usability are all rolled into one with this Luxury Brown Checker Faux Leather Flip Case for iPhone. Designed specifically for the iPhone 6+, it provides complete protection for your phone while adding convenient storage for your cards.

The back cover can be folded a variety of ways. Use it as a free standing device so that you can watch videos without holding your phone. The front cover of the case protects your screen when not in use, meaning this case is ideal for those who keep their phones in their pockets or handbags.

Buy: Designer Brown Checker Wallet iPhone 6 Flip Case $9.99

Made from high quality polyurethane, this faux leather case sports a classy brown checker appearance, which is usually found in products costing ten times its price.

Installing your device into the case could not be easier. Simply place your uncovered device into the frame. Just make sure the cutouts match up with your phone’s buttons/camera/ports to allow easy and complete use.

At just under $10, this luxury phone case for the iPhone 6+ provides everything you could ever want from a flip cover: protection, storage and a freestanding option. All of these features make this case a fantastic deal for anyone on searching for a new iPhone 6+ case wallet.

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