Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Case

Rebecca Minkoff’s Chic iPhone 7 Case

You love your iPhone’s sleek design. But if you’re like us, you buy too many phone cases that just don’t last, leading to more of the same cracked cases. Now you can protect your phone with Rebecca Minkoff’s iPhone 7 Case thats chic as it is durable. Hint: it’s also the perfect holiday gift.

The New York-based designer is known for her statement-making clothing and handbags and this phone case is made to her same modern aesthetic.

Buy: Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Case $44.99

Crafted in luxe leather, the case comes in lots of different designs so you can express your style, including: cities: Chicago, L.A., New York, and San Francisco; nostalgic :Peace, Love, Happiness; a fun Floral, and classic Quilted.

The favorite around our Santa Monica office? The  Fringe with studs; we love how it channels her roots as the designer of edgy women’s accessories and her iconic M.A.B. (“Morning After Bag”).

Need another reason to love it? Here’s two. It comes with a removable bumper for added protection. And it’s priced $49.99 and under on Amazon, so you can give one to a friend, and one to yourself.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.


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