Ivation Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Take Your Tunes From the Shower to the Sand With the Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re a shower Sinatra or beachfront Beyoncé , make sure your back track never stops with the Ivation Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker. This waterproof speaker is perfect for those worrisome, wet environments, leaving you free and easy to sing along with your favorite songs.

You can connect any of your Bluetooth enabled devices using the wireless function, or use the included auxiliary cable to connect your device to this lightweight, carry-friendly speaker.

Buy: Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $39.99

Sit back and enjoy your tunes with the high-quality, sizable sound that comes from the 3-inch speaker cone. With an impressively clear signal range of up to 33-feet, this Ivation speaker is ideal for the shower or any technology hostile environment. The speaker can be placed safely away from your music-supplying device.

The rugged IPX4 waterproof housing ensures comfortable listening. The slip-resistant carrying handle gives you the freedom to take your speaker wherever you go.

You can also choose your favorite look. The Ivation speaker is available in a wide range of eye-catching colors, including orange &  grey, solid black, and lime & grey.

To maximize consumer usability, the speaker also sports four easy-to-use waterproof buttons on the front face, namely on/off/aux, pair, volume up, and volume down. These provide full control over your listening experience.

At just under $40, the Ivation Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a budget-friendly, waterproof answer for your water filled parties.

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