The Olympus E-M10 Compact Digital Camera

You Need to Take This Compact Olympus E-M10 Digital Camera on Vacation – And Everywhere

The holidays are here, and for many that means time off – and a much needed vacation. For an affordable high-end camera that can be taken anywhere, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 is Amazon’s choice for a great travel camera.

The most important indicators of a digital camera’s abilities are the image processor, sensor and lens. Olympus’ E-M10 has a powerful TruePic VII image processor for incredible, crisp resolution and accurate, vivid color, a 16MP Live MOS sensor and the acclaimed Olympus M.ZUIKO lens system, which boasts professional-grade glass with superlative digital optics — again, supporting sharp resolution and gorgeous color. All these impressive features in a compact 14.1-ounce package adds up to a digital mirrorless camera that is as powerful as it is portable.

Buy: Olympus E-M10 Digital Camera $699.00

Other high quality features, including HD video capability, lightening fast autofocus and automatic image stabilization, make the Olympus E-M10 the perfect camera to shoot video and images with when you’re on the go.

Add in its 3”, 1.04-million-dot LCD touchscreen, three-axis image stabilization, twin controls and focus peaking, along with wireless connectivity and control via the Olympus Share app, and you’ve got all you need to capture precious memories wherever you roam.

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