Tumi’s Alcott Backpack: Travel Light—And Keep

How to Travel Light, And Still Keep All Your Gadgets Close

When you need to travel light, but just can’t leave behind all your modern necessities, you can count on Tumi to make it work.

The top-tier Alcott Backpack has more pockets, nooks and crannies than you have gadgets. That means you can bring every smartphone, tablet, and extra set of headphones you own as you travel around the globe with just one sleek carry-on bag. Not only does it include a padded compartment just for your laptop, but there’s also a special pocket for your tablet. Plus, the leather pleated gusset allows easy access to the main compartment without ever having to fully unzip the backpack. And did we mention the “Add-A-Bag” strap allows you to effortlessly stack it on top of Tumi wheeled travel pieces? So yes, you really can travel light and still keep all your gadgets close at hand.

Buy: Tumi Alcott Backpack $2,100

Available in four edgy-cool designs, this subtle-yet-sophisticated bag is crafted from the finest leather and features ultra-refined hardware and free personalization.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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