OGIO Locker Bag

Gym Dandy: Stash Your Gear in the Innovative OGIO Locker Bag

You work at working out. You eat the right food. You juice. You mix up your routine. But do you have the right gym bag? One that won’t rip after a few tosses in your locker…or lose a strap after a couple wearings?  Here’s our review of the OGIO Locker Bag and why you have to have it.

We recommend it because it’s an OGIO, the creators of bags known and coveted for their unique styling and intelligent design. Their Locker Bag is one of their original bags, and it remains one of the most highly-engineered gym bags ever.

Buy: OGIO Locker Bag $63.30

The design is everyting. Made of durable nylon, the Locker Bag not only fits in standard lockers, it’s created to work like a locker. There’s a place for all of your athletic gear, including a vented main compartment with separate shoe compartment (up to men’s size 13), front pockets for small items, interior organizational pouches, and even an outside pocket for your racket.

Easy to carry, easy to fill, easy to access (you can reach in for your stuff from the front when it’s parked in your locker), the OGIO Locker Bag is essential for serious athletes and weekend warriors, as well as couch potatoes who just want a well-made, quality getaway bag.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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