Nostalgia BSET300RETRORED Retro Series 3-in-1 Family

Solve the Morning Rush With the Nostalgia 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Breakfast has never been easier than it is with the Nostalgia Retro Series 3-in-1 Breakfast Station. Whether your family is large or small, this handy device will work wonders in your kitchen.

Throw away your coffee maker, toaster oven, and griddle. With the Nostalgia Electrics Breakfast Station, you’ll get a 4-cup coffee maker, a nonstick griddle with a heating element, and a 4-slice toaster oven — all in one device. So you can simultaneously sip your coffee, toast your bread, and cook your eggs!

Buy: Nostalgia Electrics 3 in 1 Breakfast Station $67.50

When you’re finished cooking, cleaning up is a breeze. The non-stick coating means everything slides right off with the aid of a paper towel or sponge. The oven trays are removable for easy rinsing. The perfect breakfast awaits, whether you’re at home, in the office, or living in a dorm room.

Even if you’re not a breakfast fan, this 3-in-1 kitchen tool may still be of use to you. The griddle is ideal for cooking burgers while you toast buns in the oven. You can also bake individual sized pizzas or reheat leftovers!

As an added safety feature, this Nostalgia Electrics device boasts a 30-minute time with an automatic shut off. So if you forget to switch off the oven or griddle, there’s no need worry.

With two great colors (cherry red and light blue), this Retro Series Breakfast Station is a fun addition to any cooking space. And at just under $70, it would make a great gift for the breakfast lover in your family.

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