Mongoose Beast Men's Fat Tire Bicycle

City Bike? Yep. Mongoose’s Beast Goes Lots of Other Places, Too.

Are you looking for a bike for weekend workouts that won’t break your budget? Do you want a bike with the stability of a road bike and the knockaround ease of a cruiser?

Mongoose’s Beast is the bike that hits that sweet spot. It’s a supersized cruiser with the spirit of a road bike, without the thousand dollar price tag. And it hails from the Southern California-based company that’s been designing products that push the limits of what a rider can do for almost 40 years, so you know The Beast can handle it.

Buy: Mongoose Beast Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle $199 - 20% Off

The Beast’s 4″ steel alloy frame is wide set with plenty of clearance to conquer almost any terrain. Standover height is 29″, to suit most riders. The 26″ Fat Tires are 4 1/4″ wide with knobby tread, for control on roads, paths, grass, and sand. The saddle has a racing stripe that matches the frame, and adjusts for extra comfort. The Beast comes in three classic colors: black, red, or bright green.

The best thing about The Beast? Right now it’s  20% off at Amazon, so you can have the fun of seeing it under the tree as a gift to self this holiday.
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