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The Exotic Byredo Bohemia Mini-Candle Is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

BYREDO Bohemia Mini-Candle

Byredo is the scent of chic. Founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, his signature gorgeous perfumes and candles have become staples in the dressing rooms, homes, and workspaces of celebrities and other tastemakers worldwide.

Byredo’s Bohemia Mini-Candle is a soft, spicy candle with a gorgeous blend of scents. Top notes include opopanax and rum. Middle notes are geranium, labdanum, and rosemary. The base notes include moss, sandalwood, and vanilla. Presented simply and stunningly in a mouth-blown glass vessel, Byredo’s Bohemia mini-candle will burn for approximately 14 hours.

The fragrance brand Byredo, known for it’s signature minimalistic, monochromatic packaging, takes its cues from nature. The scent is heightened through expressive inspirations such as celebrations, exotic cities, and other sensual experiences. Each scent may be years in the making, as Gorham’s olfactory desires are abundant, and his artistry is unlimited. For those new to the brand, the Byredo Bohemia Mini-Candle is the perfect size to sample his rich, complex compositions.

Beautifully crafted in France, the Byredo Bohemia Mini-Candle provides a sense of well-being and pleasure when it’s burned, lighting up any space. It’s the perfect gift for someone you love this holiday season.

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