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The Picture-Perfect Holiday Gift is Nixplay’s Seed Cloud Wifi Digital Photo Frame

This Cloud Wifi Digital Photo Frame

Picture this, if you will: You’re thousands of miles away from your loved ones and you want to share the latest photos from your adventures. With the click of a button, you upload a full album of images and clear across the world, your family sees a bright, crisp slide show… like magic.

Nixplay’s Seed 10 Wifi Digital Photo Frame uses cloud-based technology to connect people and their photos. With each frame you get 10GB of storage FREE, and you can manage up to five frames from using Nixplay’s mobile app on your iPhone or Android.

Nixplay Seed 10 Cloud Wifi Digital Photo Frame: Was: $169.99 | Now: $149.99

The Nixplay website gives you a ton of great options to manage your images in albums and playlists that can be personalized for each frame. Functions like shuffle, photo fit (so every picture looks great without editing or resizing), captioning and more means that your loved one can enjoy a very personal, interactive gift that changes out whenever you want.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – this cloud Wifi digital photo frame gives you an eloquent way to express how much you love someone.

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