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Add a Touch of Fantasy to Your Home with Nikita, the Cardboard Dragon Head

Add Fantasy To Your Home With

Meet Nikita. She’s fierce. She’s friendly, and she’ll make a chic addition to any room.

Designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez, Nikita, as she has been lovingly named, is a cardboard dragon decoration. Made by Cardboard Safari, she joins dozens of other animal cut-outs made by the company. Each of the corrugated cardboard art pieces is made from recycled material that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


In addition to a conversation piece, Nikita, the dragon, is also a challenge. When she arrives, she comes as dozens of laser-cut pieces which are flat-packed for simple shipping. With easy-to-read directions, you and your friends can assemble the puzzle parts into your own masterpiece using the slot construction.

The final product measures 18 inches tall by 33.5 inches wide and reaches 23 inches from the wall. Nikita can be assembled with or without wings and weighs just 6 pounds. She’s available in both white and gold.

While the main function of this cardboard dragon head is as a decoration, there are dozens of applications. One Amazon reviewer comments that she used the cardboard figure as the base for a paper mache statue. She remarks, “The finished product was unbelievable! Everyone loved it.”

Whether you need Nikita the Dragon for your own living room or want to gift the cardboard sculpture to your favorite niece or nephew, this product will make a great addition to your holiday celebrations.

Be sure to check out the other animals by Cardboard Safari on Amazon!

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