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Be the Brightest Bulb There Is By Getting the Best LED Light Bulb: Cree 60W Equivalent

Be Brilliant and Get the Best

How many people does it take to figure out what is the best LED light bulb available? We’re handing it to the folks over at The Sweethome for their exhaustive research and testing that found Cree’s 60W Equivalent Soft White A19 Dimmable LED as “the all-around best option for most people.”

Citing a comparatively lower price than other LED light bulbs, an incredibly wide dimming range (295 lux at its brightest, 13 lux at its dimmest), a high CRI of 85 for warm, accurate light color and excellent efficiency, Cree’s 60W Equivalent is the best LED light bulb to replace all those inefficient old school bulbs you have in your home. We’ve scooped the New York Times (who owns The Sweethome) with an even better deal on a 4-pack – just $3.69 per bulb!

If you’re still not sold on LED bulbs, consider that the Cree 60W Equivalent Soft White A19 Dimmable LED light bulb only uses 9.5 watts, which will cost you about $1.14 per year for the same kind of light you expect from far less efficient incandescent bulbs. And it’s got an approximately 22-year life span, which makes filling your home with rich, true, natural light a complete no-brainer. Add in the fact that you’re helping save the planet to boot, and it makes you brightest bulb there is.

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