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No Hand Sting: Fiskars IsoCore Hammers

Fiskars IsoCore Hammer

If you’ve ever swung a hammer, you know how bad it can sting when it cracks a hard surface. That’s why Fiskars applied mechanical engineering principals to develop its signature IsoCore Hammers.

IsoCore Hammers are a first-in-class design that reduce both sound and shock waves, focusing force on the task at hand. The result is a superior finished product with less noise and unharmed hands. If you’re doing a weekend remodel project, an IsoCore Hammer will make all the difference.

Products That Make Life Easier

Fiskars takes a holistic approach to design — or as they call it “Advanced Human Engineering.” The process involves conducting work-along interviews, collaborating with professionals, and detailed consumer research. Their mission is to make life better by making products that solve everyday problems.

Testing to Get the Best

Once a prototype has been developed, Fiskars conducts extensive testing. To ensure that new product meet high quality and performance standards, Fiskars conducts extensive field testing, endurance testing, and product benchmarking.

Other Products

Widely known for their trademarked orange-handled scissors, Fiskars also manufactures tools for gardening & lawncare, home improvement, crafting & sewing, and school.

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