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The Next Best Thing to Owning a Frank Gehry-Designed House

Wiggle Stool Frank Gehry

For those who worship at the altar of Frank Gehry, there’s nothing more inspiring than great design and imaginative architecture. Living in one of his iconic homes would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, having the small fortune it would take to buy one of those residences would also be a dream that needs to come true first…

Lucky for us, Gehry doesn’t just limit his genius to building awe-inspiring skyscrapers and astoundingly perplex museums. In his furniture series, dubbed Easy Edges, Gehry gave a new and surprising aesthetic dimension to an everyday material mostly known for shipping goods: Cardboard. Yes, the genius that is Frank Gehry took an everyday material and turned it into a stunning, sustainable design.

Constructed of corrugated cardboard with hardboard edges, this unique chair adds a dramatic look to a casual setting. It’s undoubtedly an amazing conversation piece, but also an attractive accent for any interior. And although it appears straightforward and simple, the various parts in The Wiggle Stool are hearty and robust. The piece owes its structural stability to the architectural quality of the design. What else would you expect from such an esteemed architect’s care?

If you’re a Gehry fan without the financial wiggle room to buy a Gehry house, we suggest starting with The Wiggle Stool.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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