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SPY Guide: The 5 Best Gifts for Grandma

Custom 3 digit Talavera Style Tile

Make sure your grandmother feels appreciated with one of these fantastic gift ideas. Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday or just for being great throughout the years, take a look at our list of five things that will put a smile on grandma’s face.  

Raku Horse Hair Pottery Vase

Raku horse hair pottery. Hand polished Terra Sigillata. This is a beautiful decorative piece that will liven up any space in the house. The Raku Horse Hair Pottery Vase has been wheel thrown, covered in several layers of Terra Sigillata and completed with a hand polish. With its beautiful sheen and calming design, this signed piece of pottery can also be customized using your horse’s hair.

Apple Pie Scented Home Decor

Fake Apple Pie Scented Home Decor A pie seems like the perfect gift for a grandparent. However, this fake apple pie isn’t for eating. With a true-to-life apple pie design including apple, spices and a buttery pie crust, this 9-inch piece will simply provide a beautiful cinnamon and nutmeg aroma along with making for a great conversation starter around the house.

Talavera House Number Set

Custom 3 digit Talavera Style Tile House Number Address Plaque A traditional Talavera House Number set will brighten any building. Constructed specifically for your house number and set into a beautifully decorated metal frame, this piece will add to the beauty of your home. 

HappyCare Luxury Quilted Faux Fur Throw

HappyCare Textiles HCT BKT-002 Luxury Quilted Faux Fur Throw Blanket, 50" by 60", Burgundy An ideal addition to any sofa, this HappyCare Luxury Quilted Faux Fur Throw doubles up as a super comfy blanket too. Perfect for those nights when the mercury drops, this ultra-soft throw is machine washable and available in four alluring colors. It provides an easy-to-care-for, luxurious-looking piece for grandma to use to keep warm.

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