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Old-Fashioned Wood Blocks Get a Groovie New Look and Make Math Learning Fun

Math Wood Blocks Gives An Old-Fashioned

Want a fun and seriously groovie way to introduce math concepts to your children? Uncle Goose Groovie Math and Patterning Blocks set includes 28 blocks with brightly colored, debossed numbers, math symbols and “eclectic” geometric shapes on them. The “groovie” aspect are actual grooves cut into the blocks so that kids (ages 2+) and adults alike can enjoy interlocking them to form math formulas and multi-digit numbers.

While playing with the math and patterning blocks is a given, using them to teach sorting, ordering, opposites, and patterns is built into the fun. Uncle Goose knows that grown-ups can always use a little guidance, so a suggested activity guide is enclosed.

Uncle Goose understands that in our digital world, preserving the simpler things in life is a priority. Wooden blocks – in this case, handmade from sustainable Michigan wood – is the antidote to a lifetime staring at screens, which starts all too young nowadays.

These tactile, beautiful Groovie Math and Patterning Blocks inspire creativity in the most old-fashioned way possible: by giving children of all ages something fun and rewarding to do with their hands and heads all at the same time.

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