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Spy Guide: How to Get the Most Sought After Bottles of Wine

best red wines

99-Point Château Margaux
99+Point Mouton Rothschild
96-Point Gaja Rarity

Winter is the best season to crack open a bottle of wine for a variety of reasons. A full-bodied glass of wine is a great way to bond with new and old friends; it’s fun to pair wines with delicious and rich holiday dinners; and nothing beats a good wine by the fire. However, choosing the best wine for your winter activities is usually the biggest challenge. During the holidays, the best wines are usually scooped up and hard to find. Fortunately, Spy knows exactly how and where you can get the best stuff online. Here are three of our picks:

99-Point Château Margaux. This 2009 bottle has 99 Parker Points and 19+/20 from Master of Wine, Jancis Robinson. The famous wine critic calls this red, “Sumptuous nose. So ripe, but with lovely freshness too. We debate whether the texture is cashmere or silk.” A rich, full-bodied, classic Bordeaux red.

99+Point Mouton Rothschild. Straight from Bordeaux’s landmark 2009 vintage collection, this Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend (pictured above) is one of the finest wines of the vintage. Wine advocate Robert Parker calls this Rothschild, “stunningly opulent” and “luxurious.” Château Mouton Rothschild is one of only five Premier Grand Crus in Bordeaux.

2009 chateau mouton rothschild

96-Point Gaja Rarity. Produced in the Piedmont region in Italy, this full-bodied red is on the wait list in stores across the country. Wine Spectator calls it “a full-bodied palate with ultra-ripe tannins,” thanks to strong notes of berries and plum. This bottle was produced in extremely limited quantities, so pick one up before it’s gone for good.

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